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Katherine Patricia Irene Adams, Baroness Adams of Craigielea (born December 27, 1947 ) is a British politician and member of the House of Lords .

It was in 1970 a member of the city council ( Town Council ) of Paisley in Renfrewshire and 1972. magistrate ( Justice of the Peace ).

In 1968 she married Allender Steele Adams (1946-1990), who was from 1979 to 1990 a member of the Labor Party in the House of Commons . She has a son and two daughters with him.

When her husband died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1990, she ran for the by-election in his constituency of Paisley North and was herself elected to the House of Commons . She is a member of the Labor Party and belongs to the left wing there. For the general election in 2005 she did not run and was instead raised to Life Peeress on June 28, 2005 as Baroness Adams of Craigielea , of Craigielea in Renfrewshire and thus a member of the House of Lords.

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