Jürgen Kreschel

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Jürgen Kreschel (born March 12, 1969 in Stuttgart ) is a German musician and producer.

He was a constant in the trance field and published a total of 72 tracks and various remixes. He achieved his greatest successes under his stage name Pascal Device with the trance classics Future in Past , Follow me into the light and Violet Space . Together with Marco Zaffarano he formed a successful producer duo under the name Minimalism . Several of the two albums were released under the Harthouse label . Also in England under Silverplanet. Other formations with Jürgen Kreschel included Citizen X and LaBelle . In 1999 he released two new records : Rainman and Azure . Azure was also successfully released in England. Another highlight was the Metal Master Remix together with Marco Zaffarano . With Ultra Violet , the 2000 version of his probably greatest hit Violet Space , Jürgen Kreschel interrupted his career at the end of 2000 for an indefinite period.

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