Jürgen Wieser

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Jürgen Wieser at the Hermannslauf 2007

Jürgen Wieser (born March 4, 1969 in Ellwangen an der Jagst ) is a former German long-distance runner.

Jürgen Wieser grew up in Aalen in Baden-Württemberg in the Waiblingen district. In 1988 he became German champion DUV in the 50-kilometer road race. Between 1995 and 2010 he achieved a total of 11 overall victories at the European Cup Swabian Alb Marathon . For 14 years, until 2013, Wieser held the course record from 1999 with 3:12:47 h on the 50-kilometer run over the Drei Kaiserberge in the Stauferland, starting and finishing in Schwäbisch Gmünd . By the end of his sporting career in 2011, Jürgen Wieser had many other national and international successes.

Today Wieser works for a publisher of motorcycle magazines, and he also works as a qualified personal fitness trainer .

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