Yearbook of the German Nobility

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Title page of the 1st volume

The year book of the German nobility (JDA) appeared in three volumes in the years 1896, 1898 and 1899 by the publishing house WT Bruer in Berlin. The Deutsche Adelsgenossenschaft thus created a German aristocratic register for genders that were not yet represented with their own departments in the Gothaic Genealogical Pocket Books . Over 280 genealogies of German nobility families (and the correspondence nobility families legitimized from them ) with historical introductions appeared in the three volumes .


In general, only the stem series is shown in the JDA until the end of the 18th century , then the complete family until the date of publication. Great importance was attached to the current documentation of the noble civil status; this is how the regiments were named for the officers and the place of residence for the living nobles. The main editor of the material in all three volumes was the genealogist Marcelli Janecki (1855–1899).

The yearbooks give precise and correct information about the denomination, the origin, the acquisition of the nobility, about entails and family estates, hereditary offices and dignities about each noble family . The coat of arms of each family is described in detail. Each article is introduced by a brief overview of the history of the gender concerned and at least the genealogies of the last three to four generations are listed.

With the yearbook should

“... the German nobility are offered a scientific reference work, the content of which - mostly originating from the families concerned - has been expertly examined and edited and is intended to give a precise picture of the entire German nobility. Particular emphasis is placed on the relationship of each family to the property, on the relationships of the individual members to the German courts, on their civil and military services, and finally on their mutual relationships. "

The editorial team also intended to publish a fourth volume, in which - like the intention of the Gothaischen Genealogical Pocket Books - the current continuation of the families that had already been published should be managed. However, it no longer appeared because the Bruer publishing house had sold its rights to the Justus Perthes publishing house in Gotha, which in 1900 also published a genealogical paperback of the (untitled) noble houses for the first time.

In the 20th century a reprint was published in 1996/1997 by Christoph Schmidt, publishing house for art reproductions, which is distributed by the genealogical publishing house Degener .



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