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Jasper Tournay's printer's stamp with his motto Spero fortunae regressum (I hope happiness returns)

Jasper Tournay (* around 1560 in Leuven ; † June 5, 1635 in Gouda ) was a printer born in the southern Netherlands who worked in the northern Netherlands.


Title page of a book printed by Tournay with the mention of his address Aen de Cralen-brugghe

Jasper Tournay was a son of the bookbinder Vincent Tournay. He moved to Antwerp with his parents' family in 1577 . Where and when he completed his training as a printer is not known, but he left the southern Netherlands in 1584 to settle as a printer in the city of Delft . There he only worked as a printer for a short time and then moved to Gouda, where the political climate was more liberal than in Delft. Here he printed many works by the humanist Dirck Volkertszoon Coornhert (Fig. 3), who like himself had traded his hometown Delft for the more tolerant Gouda. Around 1594 Tournay went bankrupt and moved to Leiden, where he worked as a typesetter for the printer Jan Paedts. In 1603 he saw the chance to settle in Enkhuizen in order to re-establish a printing company there. From then on, a printer's mark from Vrouwe Fortuna adorned his books with the inscription " Spero Fortunae Regressum " (I hope luck returns). In 1608 he returned to Gouda as a printer. In 1611 he bought a building on the corner of Achter de Vismarkt and Lage Gouwe near the Cralinger Bridge, where he set up his printing company.

Eerste Deel Der Wercken Dirk Volkaerts Coornhert, printed by Jasper Tournay

Tournay was the printer of an extensive oeuvre by Coornhert and years after his death he also printed his collected work. He was mainly commissioned by the bookseller Andries Burier, who was also the deputy director of the Gouda Latin School. The works he printed were mostly printed by heterodox writers who deviated from the prevailing views of Calvinist orthodoxy . He printed works by the Baptist David Joris , the tolerant theologians Sebastian Franck and Sebastian Castellio, and Professor Konrad von der Vorst . Another group that made regular use of his job as a printer were the Remonstrants . During this time, some high-profile remonstrants such as Eduard Poppius (1576 / 1577-1624), Harboldus Tombergen (1568-1625) and Theodorus Herbers worked in Gouda. Several of her writings were printed by Tournay. He printed z. B. from Poppius “De Enge Poorte” , from Tombergen “De Cleyne Zandt-Berch” (picture 2) and from Herbers “Cort ende claer bewijs” . He also printed a work by Jacobus Arminius on predestination, translated by Daniel Wittius .

When the Remonstrants were defeated during the Dordrecht Synod from 1618 to 1619, it had a great impact on the Tournay printing house. Almost all of his important customers had made it impossible for him to speak or write. According to a poster from the states of Holland and West Friesland, the printing of books with fonts that had been created up to that point was prohibited. The previously tolerant government in Gouda no longer allowed him to print such unorthodox books. However, he managed to keep his print shop running with art and bravura. During this time he was forced to print works by more Orthodox writers. Tournay also printed other types of works in his career as a printer. He also printed some poetic works by the painter Karel van Mander . In addition, he also produced various occasional prints and printed some ship games. Jasper Tournay died in June 1635, around 75 years old. His wife had died the day before. Both fell victim to the plague epidemic prevailing at the time . He was buried in the Sint Janskerk ( German  Sankt Johanneskirche ) in Gouda.


Jasper Tournay was in Gouda with Haensgen, born in 1586. Ariens married.

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