Job (IT)

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In data processing , a job refers to a single, closed job to be executed in the background by the operating system.

A job used to correspond to processing that was controlled by a single stack of punched cards .

IBM mainframe

On IBM mainframes running the z / OS operating system , jobs are interpreted by a so-called Job Entry Subsystem (JES2 or JES3) and then run in an already prepared address space , an initiator . The control within a job is in the scripting language Job Control Language written (JCL). One batch ( batch ) consists of a whole job net , wherein the individual jobs have mutual dependencies, and is usually connected to a control software such as OPC or CTL / M controlled.

IBM AS / 400

Under OS / 400, the identifier job can be illustrated using the process known from UNIX .

CDC mainframe

At CDC - mainframe operating systems Scope 3.x or NOS / Be ( Lower cyber ) a job is either


The term job is also used in Unix shells for processes for which certain management options exist (job control) .

Grid computing

In connection with computing grids , a job refers to a computation order that is transferred to the grid.