Johann Friedrich Joseph Haack

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Johann Friedrich Joseph Haack , also Johann Friedrich Joseph Hack, (* in the 17th century in Würzburg ; † in the 18th century ) was a city doctor in Fulda and a member of the " Leopoldina " academy of scholars .

Johann Friedrich Joseph Haack was the Prince's personal physician and physician for the city of Fulda . Its effect data are documented for the period between 1693 and 1703.

On February 12, 1693, Johann Friedrich Joseph Haack with the nickname ARCHIGENES I was accepted as a member ( matriculation no. 197 ) in the Leopoldina .


  • Kurtze, after all, a thorough description of Kissinger Sauerbronn's Hertzogthumbs Francken . Zeiler, Fulda 1696 digitized
  • New moral Hippocrates . 1703 digitized


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