Johann Wilhelm of Saxe-Altenburg

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Johann Wilhelm von Sachsen-Altenburg (born April 13, 1600 in Torgau , † December 2, 1632 in Brieg ) from the house of the Ernestine Wettins was Duke of Saxe-Altenburg and Duke of Jülich-Kleve-Berg .


Johann Wilhelm was the second son of Duke Friedrich Wilhelm I of Saxe-Weimar (1562–1602) from his second marriage to Anna Maria (1575–1643), daughter of Duke Philipp Ludwig von Pfalz-Neuburg .

After the death of his father, Johann Wilhelm inherited the Duchy of Saxony-Altenburg together with his brothers Johann Philipp , Friedrich and Friedrich Wilhelm . The princes were guarded by the Elector of Saxony and their uncle Johann ; after his death in 1605 the former alone.

After the Jülich-Klevischen succession dispute , the brothers were enfeoffed with Jülich, Kleve and Berg, but were only nominal dukes and carried the coat of arms. In 1612 the brothers went to Leipzig University for further training. In 1618 the eldest brother Johann Philipp came of age and ruled independently. In exchange for the assurance of a personal asset , the brothers initially left the government to the elder for a limited period of time, and in a later contract in 1624, finally, permanent government. With his brother Friedrich Wilhelm, Johann Wilhelm undertook his cavalier tour to Italy, Holland, France, England and Hungary.

During the Thirty Years' War Johann Wilhelm served as a colonel in the service of the Electorate of Saxony. He died of a fever in the camp near Brieg. He was buried in the Sophienkirche in Dresden.