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John W. Moffat (* 1932 ) is a Canadian theoretical physicist who specializes in particle physics , quantum field theory , quantum gravity and cosmology .

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Moffat wanted to be a painter in his youth and lived in Paris for some time. He studied in Copenhagen and received his doctorate in 1958 at Cambridge University (Trinity College) with Fred Hoyle and Abdus Salam . He was a professor at the University of Toronto . He was also an adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo and did research at the Perimeter Institute .

In 2012 he received a lucrative scholarship from the Templeton Foundation.

Variable speed of light

In 1992 he developed a cosmological theory in which the speed of light was higher in the past than it is today ( Variable Speed ​​of Light , VSL), with which he explained some of the cosmological problems otherwise solved in the inflation theory . It also predicts another fine structure constant in the past, which can be observed in principle. In 2000, a similar theory was proposed by João Magueijo and others.

Modified gravity

In 1995, Moffat proposed a theory of gravitation with an antisymmetric component in the metric (in addition to the symmetrical component of Einstein's usual theory of general relativity) and in 1990 a non-local theory (which nevertheless does not violate causality) of the electroweak interaction with mass generation without Higgsboson.

In 2005 he proposed a scalar tensor vector theory of gravitation ( Modified Gravity , MOG for short ), which works without dark matter and whose effect is explained by a modified gravitational interaction.

According to the MOG theory, black holes have a much larger silhouette ( black hole's “shadow” ) than predicted by general relativity. The effect could in principle be observable in the Galactic Center , for example with the Event Horizon Telescope from 2017.


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