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Jonah is a Hebrew given name of biblical origin, which is also used as a family name.

First name:

  • Jonah , biblical prophet and the book named after him
  • Jonah (Amorae) , an ancient Jewish scholar
  • Jona Lewie (* 1947), a British pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

Family name:


  • Jona SG , former town, now part of Rapperswil-Jona
  • Jona (river) , right tributary of Lake Zurich near Rapperswil-Jona, constituency See-Gaster, canton St. Gallen
  • Jona Island , island in the archipelago of the Adelaide and Biscoe Islands, Antarctica
  • Jona Verlag , a Swiss record publisher
  • Jona J.6 , a one and a half-decker designed test aircraft from the 1930s
  • Jonakirche , church buildings that are named after the prophet Jonah
  • Jugendkirche Jona , a youth church of the Limburg diocese in the Sachsenhausen district of Frankfurt.
  • Prophet Jonah Mosque , an ancient Nestorian church in Mosul repurposed as a mosque that was destroyed by the Islamic State in 2014

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