Josef Grigoryevich Neman

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Josef Grigorjewitsch Neman ( Russian Иосиф Григорьевич Неман , scientific transliteration Iosif Grigor'evič Neman ; born February 26, 1903 , † 1952 ) was a Soviet aircraft designer.

After completing his training, he first worked with Konstantin Kalinin and from 1926 was involved in the development of the K-3 , K-4 and K-5 in his office . From 1931 he worked at the Kharkiv Aviation Institute and developed a number of types of aircraft until he was arrested in 1938 and held in the labor camp until 1941. There he was significantly involved in the development of the Tupolev Tu-2 . From 1944 until his death in 1952 he worked again at the aviation institute.

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