Josef Schetty

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Josef Schetty-Ammann (1824–1994) social entrepreneur, silk dyer, Schetty & Sons, politician, head of the fire department.  Family grave in the Hörnli cemetery, Riehen, Basel-Stadt
Family grave, Hörnli cemetery , Riehen, Basel-Stadt

Josef Schetty (born December 26, 1824 in Basel ; † January 4, 1894 there ) was a Swiss dyeing entrepreneur .

After an apprenticeship in a dye works, he founded the Schetty & Sons company in 1853. Over the decades he expanded it into the largest dye works in Basel, and it existed until 1984. From 1870 to 1894 he was a non-party member of the Grand Council of Basel-Stadt , and from 1873 to 1883 he was the fire brigade commander .


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