Josef Schneider (rower)

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Josef Schneider (* 1891 ; † May 1966 in Thun ) was a Swiss rower . In one , he won two European championship titles.

Athletic career

Josef Schneider from the See-Club Luzern won the European Championships in Zurich in 1924 in a single, ahead of Marc Detton from France and Gustav Zinke from Czechoslovakia.

At the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924 , Australian Arthur Bull won the first heat ahead of Marc Detton. In the second heat, Schneider won ahead of the Dutchman Constant Pieterse , the US rower William Gilmore won the third heat in front of the British Jack Beresford . In the repechage Beresford was able to qualify as fourth rower for the final. In the final, Beresford won ahead of Gilmore and Schneider.

At the European Championships in Prague in 1925 , the Dutchman Pieterse won ahead of Schneider. On his home track, Josef Schneider won his second European title at the 1926 European Championships in Lucerne .

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