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Childhood of Christ , oil painting by Gerrit van Honthorst , around 1620

A Joseph marriage (also angel marriage , white marriage , virgin marriage ) is a form of marriage in which both spouses refrain from sexual intercourse for reasons of faith . The term is derived from St. Joseph , who according to tradition and teaching of the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches is said to have had such a marriage with Mary .

In the New Testament is in Luke 8.19-21 EU of Jesus 'brothers and Matthew Mt 13.55 to 56  EU and Markus Mk 6.3  EU of Jesus' brothers and sisters of the question. In the linguistic usage at the time, this could also refer to close relatives, which is why the Catholic and Orthodox Churches cling to the perpetual virginity of Mary, and the words in Matthew 1.25 Mt 1.25  EU , “he did not recognize her until she gave birth to her son “- interpreted in such a way that they mean no statement about an actual consummation of marriage after the birth of Jesus. “Knowing” is a common word used in the Bible to describe sexual intercourse.

Christian iconography underlines the doctrine of the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Mother in some depictions by depicting Joseph as an older man. The idea of ​​a widowed Joseph is based on apocryphal accounts such as the Proto-Gospel of James .

According to canon law , a marriage does not come about validly if the mutual right to the marital act is excluded from the outset. However, both partners can waive the exercise of this right permanently or temporarily. Marriage to Joseph is contraindicated against the will of a spouse. A valid marriage can be dissolved according to canon law as long as it has not yet been consummated (see nullity of marriage ). The legal opinion that § 1353 BGB implies the inadmissibility of an agreement on permanent abstinence in marriage cannot be considered generally accepted.

Some saints are ascribed to have lived wholly or temporarily in a Joseph's marriage, for example St. Pulcheria , Cäcilia , Hedwig von Andechs and Katharina von Schweden , as well as the imperial couple Heinrich II. And Kunigunde .

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