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Jules Chevalier
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Jules Chevalier (born March 15, 1824 in Richelieu , France , † October 21, 1907 in Issoudun , France) was a French priest and author . Jules Chevalier founded the Order of the Sacred Heart Missionaries in 1854 .


Jules Chevalier came from a humble background. Due to the upbringing of his very religious mother, he became interested in the church at an early age and was an altar boy . After he could not realize his wish to enter a seminary for financial reasons, he made an apprenticeship as a shoemaker. But he stuck to his wish and learned Latin at the same time. Thanks to a sponsor, at the age of 17 he was still able to enter the small seminar of the Sulpizians in St. Gaultier . From 1846 he studied theology in Bourges and was ordained a priest in 1851. In 1854 he became parish vicar in Issoudun , which was very strongly anti-clerical . There he founded on December 8th of the same year, deeply moved by the hardships of his time, together with the second vicar Emile Maugenest, the community of the Sacred Heart Missionaries ( “Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus” , original: “Missionnaires du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus " ; abbreviated: MSC - from Latin: missionarii sacratissimi cordis). He saw his calling in the heart of Jesus and believed that a new world could emerge from it. With a generous donation on this day for this purpose, he was able to finance the conversion of an old building into a monastery and church.

Development of the Order

The congregation and statutes were confirmed papally for the first time in 1869 and finally on June 24, 1891. The areas of work include proselytizing , conducting retreats and apostolic schools as preparatory institutions for missionary professions and the maintenance of welfare institutions. In 1959 the order had 3,000 members in 12 provinces, including the German with its seat in Hiltrup near Münster, which was still independent at the time . To promote the devotion to the Sacred Heart and the cult of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and for missionary work, Chevalier and Marie-Louise Hartzer founded the congregation of the “Filles de Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus” ( “Daughters of Our Beloved Woman of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ” ), which was published in 1928 by Pope Pius XI. has been confirmed. Chevalier was appointed archpriest in 1872 . Through his work, Issoudun developed into the largest Marian pilgrimage site in central France.


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