Peach Melba

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Peach Melba

Peach Melba (French Pêche Melba , English Peach Melba ) is an ice cream that Auguste Escoffier dedicated to the Australian singer Nellie Melba , who was a guest at London's Royal Opera House from 1892 to 1893 . Allegedly this sundae was invented for the occasion. Escoffier created a dessert for Melba back then by placing poached peaches on vanilla ice cream, served in a swan carved from a block of ice. The swan referred to Wagner's opera Lohengrin , in which Nellie Melba shone. At that time, the dessert was not yet called peach melba - even by Escoffier. He first served the dessert under the name Peach Melba at the opening of the Hotel Carlton in London in July 1899.

For preparation, half a peeled peach per serving is poached in sugar syrup, placed on vanilla ice cream in a champagne bowl and covered with raspberry puree . It is often decorated with whipped cream and served with waffles .

Meanwhile, the pureed raspberry sauce also bears the name Sauce Melba .

The color melba, a peach-colored tone, is named after peach melba.

The Melba toast is also an Escoffier creation for Melba.


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