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Jumpseat in an Airbus A319 next to a door

A jump seat is a folding seat in an aircraft that is used by members of the crew e.g. B. is provided during take-off and landing. The literal translation of the English word jump seat is "Sprungsitz".

There are several jump seats in airplanes, usually one or two in the cockpit and several in the cabin , mostly in the area of ​​the entrances and exits and the kitchen (s) and toilet (s). The number and positions of the jump seats vary depending on the aircraft type and airline.

As a rule, passengers are not allowed to use the jump seats, especially not in the cockpit, where the presence of non-crew members is now even prohibited by law in some countries and their airspaces (e.g. USA and Great Britain). Nevertheless, aviation enthusiasts like to try to experience a journey in the cockpit jump seat. However, this is usually only possible through personal contact with members of the flight deck crew or airline employees. The decision to take a jump seat lies with the captain ( pilot in command ).

With some, rather smaller airlines , inquiries at the counter made it possible to book jump seats at reduced prices and also for overcrowded flights. However, since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, this has been virtually impossible.

Often, jump seats are given to employees of the respective airline who need transfer flights but do not belong to the active crew of the respective flight (so-called dead-head flights ) or for accompanying relatives who could not get a regular seat. In the past, jump seats in the cockpit were often used to take members of the pilots or the crew into the cockpit.

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