Judicial cooperation in criminal matters

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The judicial cooperation in criminal matters (JZS; English: judicial cooperation in criminal matters , JCCM, French: coopération judiciaire en matière pénale , CJMP) is a policy area of ​​the European Union . It is regulated in Art. 82 to Art. 86 TFEU . Together with politics in the area of ​​border controls, asylum and immigration , judicial cooperation in civil matters and police cooperation , the JZS serves the overarching concept of an “ area of ​​freedom, security and justice ”.

With the Treaty of Lisbon 2007, the JZS emerged from the police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters (PJZS). In contrast to the PJZS, however, the JZS is subject to the ordinary legislative procedure in which the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament are equally involved.


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