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The science policy is a part of the general policy and deals with social conditions for science . A similar term is that of research policy .

Definitions and tasks

Science policy has two essential components: the training of young scientists and research , especially basic research . It is interlinked with research policy, which deals with basic research and applied research , and interacts with education and technology policy . The terms and tasks are not clearly delineated, and overlaps are often intended for networking and achieving synergies. Science policy is also partly exercised through tax policy (e.g. write-offs for research expenditures), infrastructure policy and state procurement practices.

In addition to the important issue of financing of colleges and universities and other research institutions , the Science Policy treated subjects as diverse as

  • Technology assessment and the associated legal requirements and prohibitions;
  • international cooperation, especially for particularly complex projects such as space travel ;
  • Evaluation (description, analysis and evaluation) of universities;
  • financial support from research funding funds and other subsidies;
  • intellectual property in the context of science and research.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

In Germany and Austria, science policy takes place at both the federal and state level . Is responsible for science policy at the federal level

European Union

The European Union also has a science policy. The Committee for Scientific and Technical Research advises the European Commission and the Council of the European Union on this.

The 7th EU research framework program expired at the end of 2013. The current EU framework program for research and innovation runs until 2020.

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