Jørgen Grunnet Jepsen

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Jørgen Grunnet Jepsen (* 1927 ; † September 24, 1981 ) was a Danish journalist, jazz author and discographer.

Jepsen was a journalist for the leading Danish daily newspaper "Berlingske Tidende", for which he wrote TV and book reviews (of historical books), among other things. He also wrote discographies, for example for the Swedish "Orkesterjournalen". Jepsen had set himself the goal of continuing the jazz discography of the English discographers around Albert McCarthy . His discographies were published by Karl Knudsen, the founder of Storyville Records . The main work of Jepsen "Jazz Records 1942 - 1965". builds on manuscripts that circulated among around 30 collectors worldwide from 1972 onwards. It was continued in 1977 by the Dane Erik Raben, who extended the time frame to 1980 ("Jazz Records 1942–1980"). The subsequent volumes have also been published by Storyville. Jepsen died of a heart attack.


  • "A Discography of Dizzy Gillespie 1937–1952", 2 vols., Karl Emil Knudsen, 1969.
  • "A Discography of Louis Armstrong 1923-1971", Knudsen, Copenhagen 1973
  • "Discography of Jelly Roll Morton", Debut Records, Brande, Denmark 1959
  • with Ditlefsen "Discography of Duke Ellington", 3 vols., Debut Records, Denmark 1959
  • with Bo Scherman, Carl Hällstrom "Discography of Count Basie 1929-1968", 2 vols., Knudsen 1969
  • "Sidney Bechet Discography", Lubbecke, Uhle and Kleimann 1962
  • "A Discography of Billie Holiday", Knudsen
  • "A Discography of John Coltrane", Knudsen 1969
  • "A Discography of Miles Davis", Knudsen 1969
  • "A Discography of Thelonious Monk and Bud Powell", Knudsen 1969
  • "A Discography of Art Tatum and Bud Powell", Debut Records 1961
  • "A Discography of Charlie Parker", Knudsen 1968
  • with Ditlefsen "Discography of Lester Young", Debut Records, 1959 (25 pages), Knudsen 1968 (45 pages)
  • “Jazz Records 1942–1965”, 8 volumes in 11 parts from 1963 to 1970 (the discography was partly continued until 1969), Karl Knudsen, Holte
  • "En Nation Bliver Til - Den nordamerikanske frihedskrig 1775–83" ("A nation is born", history of the American War of Independence)
  • “Before tids cultural history” 1979
  • “Kulturens hvem er hvem” 1986


  1. ^ Of which a black copy was printed in 1986
  2. Published from 1989. 8 volumes were published by 2004 (last letter Fre-Gi), also on CD-Rom.