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Albert J. McCarthy (born April 17, 1920 in Camborne , † November 3, 1987 in London ) was an English jazz author, discographer, jazz journalist and jazz historian.


McCarthy, who already published the magazine "Jazz Music" with Max Jones during the war in England (and after the war the PL Yearbook of Jazz), was editor of the English "Jazz Monthly" published 1955 to 1971 and began with two other English authors As early as 1949, Sisyphus gave up a complete jazz discography (arranged alphabetically, also with blues and gospel). When they arrived at Vol. 6 (K-Lo) in 1957, a revision of the first volume was necessary at the same time and the project was finally abandoned by the publisher - other discographers such as Brian Rust then limited themselves to limited publication dates and McCarthy also gave e.g. B. produced a jazz discography for 1958. McCarthy is best known for his meticulously researched books on big band and swing music, in particular "Big Band Jazz" (1974), in which for the first time (partly based on research by Frank Driggs ) the " Territory Bands " was received in the southern and midwestern United States. He also authored numerous magazine articles and liner notes.


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  1. ^ According to Postgate, quoted in Godbolt "A history of Jazz in Britain" Vol. 2, he directed the paper in the "anarchic" manner of British intellectual papers of the prewar period, had the authors' contributions printed unedited, and did not take any reviews on the interests of the record companies Consideration and gave free rein to the conflicting opinions of its authors
  2. Jörgen Grunnet Jepsen in Denmark continued the company.