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The Cologne Film House at Maybachstrasse 111

The Kölner Filmhaus is a "center for media education, cinema culture and filmmaking in Cologne " founded in 1981 , organized by the Kölner Filmhaus eV, since 1998 located in the former administration building of the freight yard at Cologne's Mediapark . With over 400 members at times, the Kölner Filmhaus e. V. is the largest free initiative by filmmakers and those interested in film in Germany. The association filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and was dissolved, the listed building is being renovated (as of October 2018).


The association had pursued numerous activities. He organized seminars and training courses, had a technology rental company, young films were made in the production workshop , the Cologne International Short Film Festival short cuts cologne was launched in 1998 by Stephan Sarasi and held there for many years, and finally there was the in-house film house cinema.

The production workshop will be continued by the newly founded association Neuer Kölner Filmhaus eV .


In the back room of a restaurant on Zülpicher Straße, the filmmakers Donatello and Fosco Dubini , a number of students, "but also photo engineers, dissatisfied WDR employees and artists like Birgit Hein " founded the Kölner Filmhaus eV association on April 26, 1981 . V .; it was entered in the register of associations at the Cologne District Court under VR 8185 on September 3. Five years later the association opened an armchair cinema at Luxemburger Straße 72, which was used until 1996. In 1998 they moved into the listed former administration building of the Gereon freight yard at Maybachstrasse 111, which offered space for further training, cinema, technology rental, short film production, the short cuts cologne short film festival and a restaurant. With the exception of gastronomy, all departments were under the umbrella of the Kölner Filmhaus e. V. operated.

Between July and October 2012, among other things, disagreement about the structural development of the association between members and the board led to the resignation of the latter and thus to insolvency. Then the City of Cologne decided in late October, the so-called " escheat ", ie the withdrawal of the ground lease of the property to initiate at the Maybachstraße 111 At the same time founded the Runge TV GmbH, Patrick Finder, the lawyer Thomas Tegeler and the Munich Film workshop with one-quarter of the Company shares the Filmhaus Köln non-profit GmbH and appointed Otto-Georg Schöne as managing director. Shortly thereafter, the newly founded association Neuer Kölner Filmhaus e. V. acquired the shares of attorney Tegeler in Filmhaus Köln non-profit GmbH .

From autumn 2012, the buildings at Maybachstrasse 111, which were under compulsory administration, were temporarily used by various providers, such as the cinema operation by Stephan Sarasi and Felix Seiffert for about four years Continued in 2013 by Christian Locke in cooperation with the City of Cologne, since August 2016 in new premises in Cologne-Mülheim.

In June 2013, Martin Blankemeyer was appointed the second managing director of Filmhaus Köln non-profit GmbH , but when Otto-Georg Schöne left, he was the sole managing director from August. In the summer of that year, the Cologne City Council unanimously approved the joint proposal by the SPD and the Greens to advertise the future use of the film house. This called on the administration to launch the tender in accordance with the requirements of the council and thus create planning security and perspective for the house and the independent film scene in Cologne. From November 2013 onwards, the property again belonged to the city, which in spring 2014 commissioned an appraisal to determine the need for renovation.

This was followed by redevelopment plans, which showed that the need for redevelopment u. a. was higher than estimated due to neglected maintenance measures by the club. The operation of the Filmhauskino ceased from October 2016, the tender for the renovation was issued in January 2017. In the meantime, the Filmhaus Köln gGmbH filed for bankruptcy in winter 2016. A new sponsorship was announced by the city. The renovation work was still ongoing in October 2018, and it should be early 2019 until a new carrier can take over.

Publications (selection)

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