Cabinet Zogu I

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Ahmet Zogu on an undated recording

The Zogu I cabinet was the government formed on December 27, 1922 under Prime Minister Ahmet Zogu . The Zogu government replaced that of his predecessor Xhafer Ypi . The High Council proclaimed Zogu prime minister, the cabinet was confirmed by parliament with 37 votes. The government of Ahmet Zogu was the longest ruling government in the Albanian principality .

Zogu I cabinet
December 27, 1922 to February 25, 1924
Prime Minister and Ministry of the Interior Ahmet Zogu Albanian People's Party
Foreign Ministry Pandeli Evangjeli Albanian People's Party
Ministry of Justice Hysen Vrioni
until February 25, 1924
Albanian People's Party
Ministry of Finance Kolë Thaçi independent
War Department Milto Tutulani
until March 30, 1923
Mustafa Aranatisi
from March 30, 1923
Ministry of Public Work and Agriculture Spiro Jorgo Koleka independent
Ministry of Education Rexhep Mitrovica Albanian People's Party

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