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Pilot of a F-16 of the United States Air Force

Combat pilots are pilots of combat aircraft in military aviation . A distinction is made between fighter pilots who are primarily trained for aerial combat and bomber pilots who fight ground targets . Until 1945, only bomber pilots were designated as fighter planes . The development of fighter-bombers has blurred the line between bomber and fighter pilot.

Applicants for training as fighter pilots are subject to higher requirements than civil pilots. Due to the high speed and maneuverability of combat aircraft, significantly higher g-forces occur than in civil flight. The pilots wear anti-G suits to prevent a blackout . In preparation for the extreme loads, stays in large centrifuges are necessary .

The first female fighter pilot in the 1930s was Ataturk's adopted daughter Sabiha Gökçen , the first German female fighter pilot was Ulrike Flender , and the first Arab female fighter pilot from the Emirates is Mariam al-Mansuri .

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