Cape Freeman (Graham Land)

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Cape Freeman
Geographical location
Cape Freeman (Antarctic Peninsula)
Cape Freeman
Coordinates 67 ° 59 ′  S , 65 ° 19 ′  W Coordinates: 67 ° 59 ′  S , 65 ° 19 ′  W
location Grahamland , Antarctic Peninsula
coast Bowman coast
Waters Seligman Inlet
Waters 2 Trail inlet

Cape Freeman is a cape on the Bowman Coast of Graham Land on the Antarctic Peninsula . It forms the eastern end of a peninsula that separates Seligman Inlet in the north from Trail Inlet to the south .

The cape was presumably first sighted by the Australian polar explorer Hubert Wilkins during his flight on December 20, 1928. The first aerial photographs were taken when the US polar explorer Lincoln Ellsworth flew over in 1935, which the geographer WLG Joerg used as a template for mapping. Scientists of the United States Antarctic Service Expedition (1939–1941) made further aerial photographs in 1940. The Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey carried out a geodetic survey in 1947 and named the cape after Reginald Leonard Freeman (1913–1988), surveyor for the Survey on Stonington Island .

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