Kappelner Herring Days

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Kappelner Herring Days in summer 2007

The Kappeln Herring Days are a folk festival in Kappeln an der Schlei ( Schleswig-Holstein ).


Herring fence in the Schlei

The Kappeln Herring Days are a reminder that the last herring fence in Europe is in the Schlei near Kappeln . This consists of piles that are rammed into the ground and are connected by wattle. Comparable to a large Reuse the herring fence narrows funnel-shaped and passes in the early spring to spawn the loop upwardly withdrawing herring in a network that is at the end of the fence. This herring fence is a monument to a type of fishing that is no longer economically used today.


Colorful harbor mile

As a reminder of the fishing method with herring fence and the long tradition of the city as a fishing location, as well as for the pleasure of the locals and visitors to Kappeln, the herring days are celebrated every year from Ascension Day until the following weekend. These are a folk festival with concerts, performances and demonstrations, stalls and all sorts of hustle and bustle at the fair.

The focus of the festival is the so-called herring bet. The celebrity bet is to estimate the weight of the current catch of the day on the herring fence in pounds . The person with the most accurate tip becomes the Kappelner Herring King or Herring Queen for one year. Parallel to the celebrity bet, there is the citizen bet, where the number of herring caught is estimated.

The Kappelner Hering Days have been taking place since 1979.

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