Caspian Depression

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Location of the Caspian Depression

The Caspian Depression is an approximately 600,000 km² large depression within the Aralo-Caspian Lowlands in southeastern Europe .

It includes not only the wet and swampy floodplains of the Urals and Volga north of the Caspian Sea , but also the entire basin of this lake , which is up to 1,023 m deep to 995 m deep, and its shoreline areas below sea ​​level . The deepest - dry - part of the depression is located east of the Caspian Sea, where the terrain in the Karagije Depression is  132 m below the 0-meter contour line.

The highest point in the Caspian basin is Mount Bolshoye Bogdo on salt lake Baskunchak .

Azerbaijan , Kazakhstan , Iran , Russia and Turkmenistan have a share in the Caspian Depression .

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