Catherine of Podebrady

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Catherine of Podebrady ( also Kunigunde or Kunhuta ; born November 11, 1449 in Poděbrady , † March 8, 1464 in Buda ) was Queen of Hungary .

She was born as the daughter of the Bohemian King Georg von Podiebrad and his first wife Kunigunde von Sternberg . Her mother died shortly after the twins were born. Her twin sister Sidonie was married to Albrecht the Courageous when she was ten and became Duchess of Saxony.

On May 1, 1461, Katharina married Matthias Corvinus at the age of eleven , who had been King of Hungary since 1458. Three years after the marriage, Katharina became pregnant and had a stillbirth. She herself died in childbed a few days after the birth and was buried in the Sigismund Church in Budapest. She was only 14 years old.

Her husband did not marry his second wife Beatrix of Aragón until twelve years later , but this marriage also remained childless.


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