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Catholic Church in Germany
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Internet portal of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany
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operator General non-profit program company mbH
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On-line 2004 (currently online) is the Internet portal of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany . The editorial office based in Bonn works on behalf of the German Bishops' Conference (DBK). The operator of the site is the Allgemeine non-profit program company (APG), a company of the Association of Dioceses of Germany (Bonn) and Tellux Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( Munich ).


The website was launched in 2003 by a resolution of the Permanent Council of the German Bishops' Conference. The site went online on April 4, 2004. At that time, the editorial team was still in Cologne . Since the summer of 2011, the seat of the internet portal has been the Catholic Media House in Bonn. The Catholic News Agency (KNA), the Catholic film magazine Filmdienst and the specialist media magazine Funkkorrespondenz are located there, alongside .

Content is the digital brand of the Catholic Church with the greatest reach in Germany and provides up-to-date multimedia information about the Catholic Church and the Christian faith . The Catholic television work has a high priority here.

The editorial team cooperates with the 27 German dioceses and other church institutions. The daily journalistic offer is supplemented by spiritual impulses, live streams, social media activities as well as information and service tips about the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church in Germany.

The editorial team is currently (as of 7/2016) headed by the managing directors Matthias-Johannes Fischer and David Hober, who is also responsible in terms of the State Treaty on Media Services. The editorial team consists of journalists , graphic artists and technicians as well as a volunteer . It is supplemented by freelance workers .

The Catholic Media House in Bonn

According to its own statement, the target group of includes “people inside and outside the church with an interest in the Catholic world”. In addition to practicing Catholics, it is also aimed “specifically at Christians who have distanced themselves from the Church”.

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