Kerry Beagle

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Kerry Beagle
Kerry Beagle
Not from the FCI recognized
Origin :


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Withers height:

56-66 cm


20-27 kg

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The Kerry Beagle is an Irish dog breed not recognized by the FCI , but is recognized nationally by the Irish Kennel Club .

Origin and history

The Kerry Beagle is possibly the oldest breed of dog in Ireland along with the Irish Wolfhound . Presumably this dog descends from southern Irish deer dogs, but was used in the pack on small game such as hares. With emigrants he came to the USA, where he contributed to the breeding of the local running dogs, z. B. the American Foxhound and Black and Tan Coonhound . The name "Beagle" is misleading in that it is used to refer to much smaller dogs (the Beagles ). This is why the breed has recently been referred to as the Pocadan in Ireland.


The Kerry Beagle grows up to 66 cm and weighs 27 kg. The Kerry Beagle has short, tightly fitting hair and comes in the colors tan and white, blue and white, black and tan and three colors. Its ears are pendulous and medium-sized.


Part of a pack around 1915

The Kerry Beagle is still used as a hunting dog in Ireland to this day.

Individual evidence

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