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The Karfunkel Children's and Youth Theater Prize is an award given annually by the City of Frankfurt am Main , which is presented to the respective prize winner during the theater festival Strong Plays .

Foundation, endowment

The municipal committees of Frankfurt decided in autumn 2009 to donate a prize from 2010 onwards for children and young people who are actively involved in the theater scene in the metropolis on the Main and who have presented a particularly outstanding production. This award was compared with that in historical literature, e.g. B. in fairy tales, the common term "carbuncle" (red gemstone) and is awarded by the cultural office of the city of Frankfurt am Main. The call for tenders takes place at least three months before the award.

Goal setting

The prize for children's and youth theater is intended to do justice to the importance of the Frankfurt theater scene within Germany and to consolidate the image as a theater city in the region. In addition to the urban stages, there are more than twenty independent theater ensembles and venues in the Main metropolis. Their high-quality work is to be appropriately recognized with the annual award and to honor outstanding achievements in a publicly effective manner. The aim is for the theater ensembles to gain further renown and self-confidence for future productions and to positively confirm their award-winning work. Innovative projects should be given special consideration when awarding the prize.


The annual prize money is up to 10,000 euros, which can be awarded to a children's and youth theater. If there are several winners in one year, the prize money can be up to 15,000 euros, which is then divided. The prize money may only be used by the award winners for artistic purposes, ideally for projects that could not have been realized without these funds.

Prize statuette

A multi-colored statuette was designed for the first award ceremony in 2010 and the visual presentation to the winners . A gold-colored, male, youthful-looking person with a pointed nose and black theater mask is enthroned in a casual sitting position on a rounded blue base with a semitransparent, irregularly shaped, mineral-looking red attachment, who looks up and in her left hand is a semitransparent red cylindrical object, holds up the carbuncle triumphantly. On the blue base is the inscription "Karfunkel" with the respective year in gold-colored letters. The sculpture was designed by the Frankfurt painter and sculptor Andreas Gundermann for the first time in 2009 and then sculptured. It was awarded for the first time in 2010. By 2018, nine more, very different variations of the price figure were created, each of which was also designed and implemented by Andreas Gundermann. A recognizable feature of all prize figures is the carbuncle (stone) in blue or red and the harlequin-like figure. The prize statuette for 2018 was designed and manufactured by Gundermann in a double, slightly varied version, as the prize was awarded to two theater groups. In the meantime, Gundermann designed the 10th prize figure for the 2020 Karfunkel. Since the prize was split again, the prize statuette was created in duplicate with slight variations.

A five-member jury consisting of technically experienced people, each appointed for a period of three years, decides on the annual award of the prize. The productions from the children's and youth theater scene in Frankfurt, which were performed in the previous season or in the previous calendar year, are used for selection. In the years 2010-2012 the jury out of the theater director and Frankfurt city councilor is Cornelia-Katrin von Plottnitz , the cultural editor Eva-Maria Magel from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , the deputy head of the Children's Theater Center in the Federal Republic of Germany , Henning Fangauf , the Head of the Institute for Youth Book Research at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Hans-Heino Ewers and the head of the City of Frankfurt am Main, Felix Semmelroth , as chairman of the awarding body.

Award criteria

Decisive for the selection of a winner is the staging of a play by the respective theater ensemble, the text editing and implementation is included. Any underlying theater pedagogical concept can be included in the decision criteria.

Part or all of the prize money can be awarded for outstanding achievements, a theater concept, a "life's work" or special services to the theater landscape for children and young people in Frankfurt am Main.

The award is presented by the city's current head of culture.


Proposals can be submitted for the Karfunkel Children's and Youth Theater Prize of the City of Frankfurt am Main. These can be suggestions from third parties, for example from recipients, but theater ensembles can also submit their own applications. The proposed theaters must have their work center in Frankfurt am Main, whereby the term "theater" stands for both artistically producing ensembles and venues.

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