King's X

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King's X
King's X live in Milan (2009)
King's X live in Milan (2009)
General information
Genre (s) Rock , hard rock , prog
founding 1983 as a sneak preview
Website King's X Rocks Dot Com
Founding members
Vocals, bass
Doug Pinnick
Guitar, vocals
Ty Tabor
Drums, vocals
Jerry Gaskill

King's X is an American progressive rock band consisting of Ty Tabor (guitar, vocals), Doug Pinnick (vocals, bass) and Jerry Gaskill (drums, vocals).


The three musicians already found in 1980 together and tried in various bands in which they, among others, cover songs by the Beatles , U2 or The Police played. In 1983 the band became a solid trio. In the same year a studio album of the same name was released under the name Sneak Preview, but none of the participants were particularly enthusiastic. Two years later, the band met manager and producer Sam Taylor ( ZZ Top ), who convinced them to rename themselves King's X.

In 1988 the debut album Out of the Silent Planet was released. The successor Gretchen Goes to Nebraska was released in 1989 and gave the band presence on the radio and on MTV . Subsequently, the trio appeared, among other things, as the opening act for AC / DC on the tour “The Razors Edge”. The following albums also reached the top 100 of the American charts. The commercial breakthrough did not materialize, however, and internal problems shattered the band in the mid-1990s.

In 1996 her collaboration with the previous record company Atlantic Records ended . The three band members went about their respective solo projects. After two years without a release (except for the Best Of album), the self-produced album Tapehead was released in 1998 . The band also did without an external producer on the following CDs. In 2005 Ogre Tones was created in collaboration with the German-American hard rock and metal specialist Michael Wagener , with whom the last studio album, XV , was recorded in 2008.


The characteristic style of King's X combines features of different musical styles: The three-part singing, which creates a Beatles- like flair, is accompanied by guitar work, which has elements of progressive rock , hard rock as well as grunge and soul .



year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placements
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1988 Out of the Silent Planet - - US144 (6 weeks)
1989 Gretchen Goes to Nebraska - UK52 (1 week)
US123 (18 weeks)
1990 Faith Hope Love - UK70 (1 week)
US85 (24 weeks)
1992 King's X - UK46 (1 week)
US138 (3 weeks)
1994 Dogman CH47 (1 week)
UK46 (1 week)
US49 (4 weeks)
1996 Ear candy - - US105 (1 week)
2008 XV - - US145 (1 week)

More albums

  • 1983: Sneak Preview (as Sneak Preview)
  • 1998: Tape Head
  • 2000: Please Come Home ... Mr. Bulbous
  • 2001: Manic Moonlight
  • 2003: Black Like Sunday
  • 2005: Ogre Tones

Live albums

  • 2004: Live All Over the Place
  • 2007: Live & Live Some More
  • 2009: Tales From the Empire
  • 2010: Live Love in London
  • 2012: Burning Down Boston


  • 1997: Best of King's X


year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChartsChart placements
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1990 It's love
UK94 (1 week)

More singles

  • 1988: Goldilox
  • 1988: King
  • 1988: Shot of Love
  • 1989: Over My Head
  • 1989: Summerland
  • 1990: I'll Never Get Tired of You
  • 1990: We Are Finding Who We Are
  • 1991: Junior's Gone Wild
  • 1992: Black Flag
  • 1992: Dream In My Life
  • 1992: World Around Me
  • 1994: Dogman
  • 1994: Fool You
  • 1994: Pillow
  • 1994: Pretend
  • 1996: Sometime
  • 1996: A Box
  • 1996: Looking for Love
  • 1998: Fade
  • 2000: Marsh Mellow Field
  • 2001: False Alarm
  • 2005: If / Alone

Video albums

  • 2008: Gretchen Goes to London
  • 2010: Live Love in London

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