Tilt wing (airplane)

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Tilt-Only wing using the Hiller X-18 as an example

With flipper (also often mistakenly swing wings ) is a construction of aircraft and aircraft referred to, in which the wings can be tilted about the transverse axis of the aircraft, to change the direction of thrust of the engines. They belong to the convertible aircraft .

Tilting wings enable vertical takeoffs and landings ( VTOL ) in a vertical position . In the transition phase, the wings are increasingly tilted horizontally in order to generate the forward movement and thus the lift on the wings themselves. The transition from hovering to level flight and back is called transition.

Closely related to this design are the tilt rotor aircraft , which however do not tilt the entire wing area, but only the engines.

Although there were functional aircraft types with tilt wings in the past (for example the Ling-Temco-Vought XC-142 ), this design could not prevail.

Types of aircraft with tilt wings

Individual evidence

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