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The Gebrüder Busch crate factory was a wood processing company in the East Westphalian city ​​of Minden .


The company was founded south of the Mittelland Canal in the immediate vicinity of the Minden waterway intersection. On the right bank of the Weser, there was enough space near the port to organize the delivery and delivery of wood. In addition, there were enough workers available in the city of Minden .


Memorial plaque on the former site of the Busch box factory

The Busch Brothers cigar box factory emerged from a cigar factory in 1845 and had its premises in Lindenstrasse. In 1867 there was a fire on the site, which most likely fell victim to the steam sawmill. After that, production was relocated to the right bank of the Weser.

In 1874 the son-in-law Robert Noll joined the management of the company. In 1917 he passed the management into the hands of his three sons Heinrich, Robert and Friedrich Noll.

The Busch box factory employed many forced laborers, including women , during the Second World War . There was an air raid shelter on the factory premises that was used during the air raids. On October 26, 1944, during a bomb attack on the canal systems on Friedrich-Wilhelm-Strasse, there was a direct hit on the canal embankment. The dam of the Mittelland Canal was destroyed at 50 meters. The canal ran completely empty between the lock gates in Hahlen in the west and Berenbusch in the east. The masses of water carried five barges with it onto the lower ground and also poured onto the site of the box factory. The bomb shelter had been hit directly before. In these masses of water, which also penetrated the air raid shelter, 73 people died. A memorial on the grounds of the Busch crate factory commemorates this accident.

After the war, the company was rebuilt and production started in January 1949. But the market had changed, and chipboard replaced veneer panels . Many of the proven employees were missing and could not be replaced. Production is stopped on October 31, 1965. The remains of the box factory were demolished in 1991 in order to be able to sell the site, which at that time belonged to the Mindener Kreisbahn .

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