Kiyoko Ami

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Kiyoko Ami ( Japanese 阿 見 紀 代 子 , Ami Kiyoko ; * around 1955) is a Japanese jazz musician ( vibraphone , vocals ).

Kiyoko Ami first learned classical piano and then switched to vibraphone; against the opposition of her parents she became a jazz musician. Around 1980 she led a quartet with the pianist Sakurako Ogyu , which also included Yasuhisa Akutsu (double bass) and Takaaki Nishikawa (drums) ( Message from a Sheep , 1981). As a singer, she recorded the album Rhapsody in NY in 1991 in New York City, accompanied by Shinpei Inoue , Fujio Honda , Tsutomu Okada , Carl Allen and Rudy Bird . In 2001 the live album Dream More Dreams was created , which Ami recorded (vibraphone) with Q. Ishikawa , Yoshiki Uta , Brian Nova , Buddy Catlett and Greg Williamson . She also gave concerts in Germany, Italy and Canada.

She has been running the Ami's Bar nightclub in Tokyo's Ginza district since 1995, where her idol Lionel Hampton has also performed.

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