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Counter strike plate: whip made by Ludwig-Musser

In music , rattles are percussion instruments , which count among the counter-strike idiophones that are struck immediately . Two or more self-sounding parts are hit against each other. According to their shape, counterstrike rods are distinguished from counterstrike plates and from vessel rattle. The latter are either hollowed out ( castanets ) or curved ( cymbals ).

Board rattles or plate rattles consist of elongated, straight or slightly curved strips of wood, bone or plastic that are knocked together in pairs in one hand. Boards, which consist of a handle with a wider center piece, to which small cymbal plates are attached, are shaken and belong to the rattle rows according to the Hornbostel-Sachs system .

Individual rattles:

In the north-east Indian state of Assam , bamboo rattles made from a bamboo tube cut in half lengthways from one side, which are called toka , occur. Similar fork rattles were described in Myanmar in the early 20th century . The chimta in northwest India and Pakistan is a fork rattle made of two metal brackets. The famous medieval illuminations Fork Basin , where small pools, which are located at the ends of two spring clips, were struck together, are hereby related, but represent a special form of clash cymbals represent.

The expression " rattle drum", by which rattle drums are meant, whose membranes are struck by two small balls hanging down on strings, does not quite correspond to the instrument-based classification of rattles .

Warnklapper is a historical record clap that was intended to warn of sick people.

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