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As a classroom teacher (South German and Austro also Klass teacher ) or class teacher (South German and Austro also Klass Head ) and in Austria also form teacher is called a teacher , of the management of a school class holds. The exact tasks of the class teacher in Germany are usually regulated in the school laws of the federal states.

If in the upper level or in the course level (12th and 13th grade or 11th and 12th in the twelve-year educational path) there is no longer teaching in a class, the class teacher is replaced by a tutor , sometimes called an advisory teacher or college level leader .


The class teacher is the first point of contact for pupils and parents for all school-related questions that go beyond the content of the individual subjects.

The class teacher is usually responsible for:


The class teacher sometimes has a deputy. The class leader can also be the deputy of the class teacher in another class.

In rare cases, a class can have two class teachers with equal rights.

In some school laws, such as B. the Baden-Württemberg, there is no definition for the class teacher. Although generally taken for granted, not every class has to have a class teacher. Likewise, duties and rights are not always specified in the School Act.

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