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The former Blumenthal monastery ( Blomendaell , Blomendale , domus in valle florum ) was an Augustinian monastery in the town of Beckum . It was founded in 1446 and abolished in 1814 in the course of secularization. Most of the members of the convention were of civil descent. The mother ( mater ) was in charge .


Maria Blumenthal bell (relief)

The Marienborn sister house ( süsternhus ton Marienborne ), initially located at Westmühle at the gates of Beckum, was founded on September 8, 1446 on a farm donated by the Münster sealer Hermann Volker. However, as early as 1451 the warlike circumstances of the Münster collegiate feud forced the sisters to have a new house built within the city wall at the south gate. In 1464 the sisters adopted the Rule of Augustine .

The monastery buildings fell victim to the city fire on July 24, 1657. Afterwards a difficult and modest reconstruction succeeded until 1662; but the economic decline could no longer be stopped, so that the number of sisters ultimately also declined. In the course of secularization in 1803, the dean of the Beckum collegiate monastery was appointed administrator. The aim was to move the remaining sisters to Ahlen in 1807 (daughter company Maria Rosa). After this unsuccessful attempt, it was repealed on March 29, 1814.

Mothers of the monastery

  • Eva Dedinchem, 1459-1491
  • Katharina Torck, 1491–1510
  • Margaretha Schurkemans, 1510-1525
  • Margaretha Niehus, 1525-1547
  • Anna Haerkotters, 1548–1592
  • Ermgart Niehus, 1592-1608
  • Anna Guelkers, 1608-1624
  • Gertrud Wilkens, 1624–1638
  • Johanna Suer, 1639-1641
  • Margaretha Schulte, 1641–1657
  • Maria Cateman, 1658-1664
  • Anna Magdalena Zumkley, 1664–1708
  • Anna Christina Schepers, 1708–1721
  • Brigitta Clerx, 1721-1728
  • Maria Theresia Hanen, 1728–1753
  • Maria Katharina Harnischmacher, 1753–1765
  • Maria Elisabeth Melchers, 1765–1776, 1783 and 1792–1803
  • Maria Anna Degener, 1788
  • Maria Wilhelmina Meier, 1797
  • Maria Elisabeth Breckenheiner, 1804–1814


The dormitory dating from the last third of the 15th century is still preserved from the former monastery buildings . After the renovation, the building was inaugurated on August 15, 2009. It is used as a home and family archive.

Maria Blumenthal bell

The Maria Blumenthal bell (number 7 of the bells of St. Stephen), cast in 2008, is reminiscent of the former Blumenthal monastery. It has the nominal c 2 and thus sounds exactly one octave higher than its big sister, the Marienglocke (No. 1) from 1647 (c 1 ).

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