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The Odacker Chapel

The Odacker Monastery was a monastic institution for women at the gates of the city of Hirschberg b. Warstein . The time of formation is unclear. The monastery existed until secularization in 1804.

A monastery courtyard and a small settlement that became deserted in the 12th or 13th century had existed at this point, about 1 km northeast of the outskirts, since around the year 1000 . In the area of ​​the desert, Augustinian women probably founded a hermitage in the 13th century . However, this was first clearly mentioned in writing in 1508.

Just a few years later in 1513, Odacker housed Benedictine nuns . Since then it has been under the supervision of the Grafschaft monastery and was part of the Bursfeld congregation . The county also got parish rights. The monastery had a school and a small hospital.

Odacker was first destroyed in 1585. In 1601 , the Cologne Elector Ernst von Bayern donated the Vicarie St. Johannes Baptist near Oedingen to the monastery to provide for the nuns . During the Thirty Years' War , the monastery was destroyed again in 1622 by the troops of Christian von Braunschweig . There is also evidence of destruction in 1639. After that, the monastery was abandoned by the sisters.

It was moved into again around 1648. In the course of secularization in the Duchy of Westphalia , the monastery was abolished and completely demolished except for a small chapel (Odacker Chapel - also known as the Annenkapelle) from the 17th century. The lands belonging to the monastery were sold to the citizens of Hirschberg. A late Gothic Madonna from the monastery is now in the provost church in Belecke . An altar of the monastery is now also in Belecke.


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