Button accordion

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Rudi Zapf on the button accordion

The button accordion (English accordion button , BA), also Knopfgriff accordion or button accordion called, is a accordion , in which not only the bass , but also the treble is played with buttons. In contrast to this, the piano accordion (English piano accordion , PA) has buttons for the bass on the left and buttons (like the piano ) for the treble on the right .

The term refers to both the chromatic button accordion and the diatonic accordion .

Variants of the chromatic button accordion are the bayan as an Eastern European form and its historical forerunner, the Schrammelharmonika built in Vienna .


The bandoneon , mainly known as a tango instrument, is also a hand-drawn instrument with buttons on both sides, but unlike the accordion it does not have an angled keyboard. In addition, no mechanically preset chords can be played with the bandoneon, only single notes. The bandoneon is therefore not counted among the button accordions.