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Fellow students is a common term used by students in German-speaking countries to refer to their fellow students, i.e. fellow students or fellow students.


Derived from the Latin commilito for "comrade, war companion, comrade"; also commiles for “brother in arms” (to miles , “soldier, warrior, warrior”). This is possibly related to the Greek ὁ μῖλος for " pile ".

The term commilito was a common form of address for Roman legionaries in ancient times .

Expansion of meaning

Already gr. Μῖλος , possibly related to the Latin miles , denotes any group that belongs together and is not limited to the military field. The Latin commilito , initially used in a military context, expanded its meaning in a similar way to the German word “Mit-Streiter”. Those designated as comrades-in-arms no longer necessarily fought against someone else, but only for one cause: They pursued a common, possibly quite peaceful goal. The meaning “community of studies” for Latin commilitium is already documented in Ovid . The designation of fellow students for a fellow student or fellow student has been documented in boys' language since the 16th century at the latest . Fellow student has also appeared since the 20th century .

Today's meaning

The term is used today both for students of the same or different subject , as well as for other semesters , or for students or by lecturers towards their students at the same university .

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