Consul (disambiguation)

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Consul designates:

  • a person in the diplomatic service, see consul
  • the holders of the highest and most important office
    • in the Roman Republic of antiquity, see Consulat
    • an office related to the Roman in ancient Greece with partially similar tasks, the Proxenos
    • likewise in Phoenician cities like Tire and especially in North Africa (Carthage), see Sufet
  • an administrative officer in charge of an urban commune in medieval Italy, based on the ancient model, see History of Italy
  • a member of the consulate which formed roughly the executive branch during the last years of the First French Republic, see French Consulate
  • a motorcycle from NSU-Motorenwerke, see NSU Konsul
  • the D 9 Konsul - a glider, see Akaflieg Darmstadt D-9

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