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As a counter-revolution ( lat . Contra = against) or counter-revolution is called the a revolution actually or supposedly antagonistic activities, forces and classes and against which emerged from the revolution state or system -related aspirations of individuals, groups or other countries. The counterrevolution aims to reverse the consequences of a revolution and to restore the old state power and, under certain circumstances, to deal bloody accounts with the revolution.

The term counter-revolution first appeared in connection with the French Revolution of 1789 and referred to the efforts of their opponents Joseph de Maistre , Louis de Bonald and others. a. to restore the fallen monarchy .

The real socialist systems, which saw themselves as states that emerged from the proletarian revolution, often described the internal opposition directed against them as counterrevolutionary - even decades after the respective state was founded and completely independent of the actual political positions of the respective opposition. The same still applies today to the People's Republic of China , North Korea and Cuba ; lately also for democratic systems (BE Harcourt, 2019).


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