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Curate (from the Latin cura “care” or “care”) has several directly and indirectly church-related meanings.

In canon law

Curate is a canonical title and designates an auxiliary priest with his own pastoral care district / area ( curate , parish vicarie ) in the Catholic and Anglican Churches . Unless otherwise stipulated by law, curates are on an equal footing with pastors (can. 516 § 1 CIC ).

Further use of the term

Boy Scout Associations

In the Catholic scout associations in German-speaking countries ( DPSG , PSG , PPÖ and others), the management members entrusted with the spiritual association management are called curates.

In Austria

Curate collar tab

At the voluntary fire brigades in Austria , the spiritual supervisors are also referred to as curates or fire brigades. In terms of the service regulations, these are clergymen of the Roman Catholic or Protestant Church. In the Roman Catholic Church, deacons also belong to the clergy. Fire brigade curates must be members of a volunteer fire brigade or company fire brigade. Her tasks include a. the preparation and implementation of church services, the religious and moral motivation of the fire brigade members for selfless service and their psychological support.

At the Austrian Red Cross there are clergymen as well as the fire services. They are also known as curates.

There is also a curate in the Austrian Armed Forces . It is used to refer to military chaplains in common parlance . The correct names are military curate (corresponds to the captain; abbreviation: MilKur) and military super curat (corresponds to the major; abbreviation: MilOKur).

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