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Kylix was an integrated development environment from Borland for the Linux operating system .

The name comes from the Greek and means a drinking vessel .

Kylix was developed based on Delphi and C ++ Builder . As a graphic library , it is based on the GUI framework Qt , which is addressed using a library called CLX . The Kylix IDE is based on libwine and is therefore not a native Linux application. This can be easily recognized by the fact that the color of the mouse pointer in the Kylix window changes to white and font metrics must be created. Borland chose this route because the Kylix IDE is a by-product of Delphi 5 and the Windows system calls had to be converted to Linux. Applications created with Kylix, on the other hand, are native Linux applications that Wine does not need.

Originally only Object Pascal was supported as a programming language by Delphi; from version Kylix 3 (released in 2002) programming in C ++ is also possible. Similar to Visual Basic , programming is facilitated by a visual programming environment . In addition to the commercial versions, Borland also made a so-called Kylix Open Edition available for free downloading, which, however, was only allowed to develop programs under the GPL .

In the meantime, the Kylix project has been discontinued and the manufacturer no longer maintains it. Programs created with Kylix can still be run on current Linux distributions.


Lazarus is a development environment that is heavily based on Delphi and thus also Kylix, which is under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


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