LAG No. 68

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LAG No. 68
LAG No. 68
LAG No. 68
Numbering: No. 68
Number: 1
Manufacturer: Krauss
Year of construction (s): 1906
Type : 1Ah2
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Length over buffers: 6,640 mm
Height: 3,500 mm
Total wheelbase: 3,200 mm
Empty mass: 15.3 t
Service mass: 18.9 t
Friction mass: 11.8 t
Top speed: 45 km / h
Indexed performance : 120 PSi / 88 kW
Driving wheel diameter: 930 mm
Impeller diameter front: 780 mm
Control type : Walschaert-Heusinger
Number of cylinders: 2
Cylinder diameter: 250 mm
Piston stroke: 400 mm
Boiler overpressure: 12 kg / cm²
Grate area: 0.60 m²
Superheater area : 7.80 m²
Evaporation heating surface: 36.7 m²
Water supply: 2.0 m³
Fuel supply: 250 kg of coal
Train brake: Suction air brake

The locomotive number 68 of the local railway AG , shortly LAG , was an easy superheated steam tank locomotive . It was built in 1906 by Krauss with the serial number 5573 for use on the Fürth – Zirndorf – Cadolzburg local railway .

Due to the increased volume of traffic between Fürth and Zirndorf, the LAG wanted to have additional passenger trains run there. In order to be able to carry out an economical operation, the LAG decided on a light steam locomotive that could only be manned by a train driver. The LAG promised cost savings through lower coal consumption and one-man operation.

The locomotive was similar to the previously developed Bavarian PtL 2/2 Bauart 1905 , which were also built by Krauss. As with the PtL 2/2, the driver's cab enclosed the entire boiler, excluding the smoke chamber. The front wall doors of the driver's cab led to the front platforms, where there were steps as well as transition options to the cars. In order to be able to drive the locomotive without a heater , a semi-automatic bulk firing was installed, as with the PtL 2/2. Due to the low total weight of the train of around 60 tonnes (three cars plus locomotive), the required tractive effort could be transmitted using a single driven axle. The PtL 2/2, on the other hand, had two driven axles. The external engine accelerated the locomotive up to 45 km / h. The water tank was located between the two axes in the frame and was filled through a nozzle in front of the smoke chamber. The locomotive was braked with a throw lever brake and a Körting suction air brake .

As with a tram locomotive, the operator stood on the right-hand side of the boiler, where all controls are located.

The locomotive was sold by the LAG in 1921.


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