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LEIFIphysik (also simply written and called LEIFI ) is a German-language web portal that offers numerous materials for physics lessons and for deepening and supplementing teaching content for students.

At peak times, the portal records up to 675,000 individual visitors per month (as of 2019), in the school year 2016/17 a total of over 4 million.


The site offers materials for all physics lessons up to the upper level of high school . Normal entry takes place by selecting a federal state and the grade level. In addition, a selection can also be made based on subject areas.

Tasks, experiments , sample school tasks (with different levels of difficulty) and views are available for each topic . Animations are often available or linked to make the material understandable.


LEIFIphysik was founded on January 4th 2001 by two retired teachers from the Rupprecht-Gymnasium in Munich . They named the offer after their surnames, Ernst Lei tner and Ulrich Fi nckh. The teaching materials developed by them outside of their professional activity should be suitable for use by students from the start.

In the early years, the pages were hosted by the Department of Physics Education at the University of Munich .

On March 15, 2011, Ernst Leitner and Ulrich Finckh were awarded the Georg Kerschensteiner Prize by the German Physical Society :

“For the conception and provision of a new multimedia learning system (LEIFI) that is available on the Internet. It contains tasks, experiments, animated representations and simulations in a systematic form, arranged according to age group and subject area, which lead in an excellent way to independent learning. In order to ensure sustainability, the material is constantly adapted to scientific and curricular changes. The great success of the system is based on the fact that pupils are encouraged to explore the sub-areas of physics independently and that teachers have a supply of tasks at their disposal that is oriented towards the interests of the young people and the requirements of the curriculum. "

With a view to their retirement from active school service, the founders (and previous rights holders) Leitner and Finckh handed over the portal to the Joachim-Herz-Stiftung in 2012 . Accompanied by the founders, the portal was expanded by employees of the foundation and Thomas Unkelbach (teacher for physics and mathematics in Cologne ) with regard to the curricula of all federal states and activated in a new layout in March 2013.

The portal is continuously being developed. In May 2014, a new subject area on particle physics was set up, and since May 2015 there have been some “ blackboard images for interactive whiteboards ” for download.

As part of the 15th anniversary, the Joachim Herz Foundation organized several events in 2016, such as a video competition, school events or a “lateral thinker meeting”.

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