Otto Bormann

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Otto Bernhard Bormann (born August 12, 1877 ; † 1973 ) was a German administrative lawyer and Prussian district administrator .

Bormann studied law in Heidelberg and Berlin, received his doctorate and was appointed provisional in 1917, then finally from 1918 as district administrator of the Mansfeld mountain district in the administrative district of Merseburg in the Prussian province of Saxony and successor to Karl von Hassell . He was in office until 1921.

Otto married Dr. Ing.Martha Pintsch, a daughter of the wealthy Berlin industrialist Richard Pintsch . As a son-in-law, he merged Julius Pintsch West KG in Hamburg with Bamag GmbH in Cologne to form Pintsch Bamag AG with headquarters in Butzbach in 1953 and became its main shareholder until they were sold. The production and administrative facilities of the Pintsch works in the Soviet-occupied areas, especially those in Fürstenwalde and East Berlin, were expropriated. The GDR created state-owned companies such as Julius Pintsch VEB and VEB Gaselau.


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