La Vivandière

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La Vivandière (Russian: Markitenka ) is a ballet in one act. The choreography is by Arthur Saint-Léon and Fanny Cerrito . The first performance of the ballet, originally entitled La Vivandière e il Postiglione , took place on November 26, 1843 in Rome with music by Enrico Rolland (Pappacena 2005, p. 107). Fanny Cerrito danced the role of the sutler Kathi, Arthur Saint-Léon the postman Hans.

On May 23, 1844 there was a new production of the same ballet in London, possibly with new music by Cesare Pugni . For performances from 1844 onwards, Pugni is generally given as the composer. Further revivals of the play under Arthur Saint-Léon himself took place in 1845, 1846 and 1848 in the "Ballet of Her Majesty's Theater". In 1846 and 1847 they both appeared in the same ballet under the German title Sutler and Postillione at the Royal Opera in Berlin. An engraving (dated June 1844) is available for the Bohemian national dance Tanz Redova , which shows both in this dance. A ballet source by Amint Freising gives a choreography of this dance, but as a group dance for four couples and not as a pas de deux.

On 13./25. December 1855 (Julian / Gregorian calendar) was held at the Imperial Bolshoi Theater in St. Petersburg a new production of Jules Perrot entitled Markitenka instead. Maria Surovshchikova-Petipa danced the role of Kathi, Jules Perrot danced Hans.

Another revival of Perrot's version under Marius Petipa took place on 8/20. October 1881 at the Imperial Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg.

Pas de Six de La Vivandière

Arthur Saint-Léon notated a version of the Pas de Six in what he called "Sténochorégraphie" notation method. Which version is notated here is not clear from the edition itself (music by Pugni?). The record of the Pas de Six can be found as an appendix in his eponymous work La Sténochorégraphie (Paris 1852), which is dedicated to the Russian Tsar Nicholas I (facsimile in Pappacena 2005). In 1975 this pas de six was reconstructed together with the music of Pugni by Ann Hutchinson-Guest and Pierre Lacotte for the Joffrey Ballet . In 1978 Lacotte studied this piece for the Kirov Ballet at the Mariinsky Theater, which kept the piece in its repertoire . The Pas de Six has since been recorded by numerous ballet companies and is known as La Vivandière Pas de Six or Markitenka Pas de Six .


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