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Laboratory technician is the name for a training occupation in the service sector , the activities of which vary depending on the type of laboratory .

Laboratory technicians according to activities

  • Building material tester : Carrying out various tests for asphalt mixing plants , concrete mixing plants or for the client. Testing of aggregates , concrete , asphalt and other building materials .
  • Biology laboratory assistant: Observation, control and evaluation of test procedures are just as much a part of the work as the examinations on animals, plants and microorganisms. The field of activity extends mainly to research laboratories in medicine and public health. In the private sector, they are required by pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics manufacturers, as well as in certain areas of food production.
  • Chemical laboratory assistant : You are mostly employed in chemical analysis and occasionally also in chemical production and work in the core areas of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis .
  • Photo lab technician : You are responsible for the development, processing and optimization of the photographic or digital image material.
  • Paint laboratory technician : You are responsible for the development, optimization, production, testing and application of paint and paint. ( Laboratory assistant EFZ paint and varnish )
  • Agricultural-technical assistant : Carry out agricultural examinations of a physical, chemical, biochemical and microscopic type on plants and animals, as well as on agricultural products.
  • Medical-technical laboratory assistant : You will primarily support pharmaceutical-technical assistants and medical-technical laboratory assistants with tasks in routine diagnostics. They contribute to clinical-chemical, hematological, microbiological and histological laboratory tests of body fluids, waste products and tissues. For example , they create blood counts , carry out coagulation tests or urine analyzes and help determine blood groups or the technical preparation of histological examination material. Medical laboratory assistants are mainly employed in hospital laboratories, by resident doctors or in specialist medical laboratories. In Switzerland the designation of the medical laboratory technician has been replaced by biomedical analyst .
  • Dairy laboratory technician : You check milk and milk products for bacteria and, in general, for foreign substances.
  • Physics laboratory assistant : They are used in test, measurement and research laboratories. They can also be found in technical trade, manufacturing and consulting.
  • Textile laboratory assistant: You will work in laboratories in the textile industry with a focus on textile technology, textile finishing and textile chemistry.

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